Tragelaphus Gin Pula Edition




The Kgalagadi, which derives its name from the Tswana word “kgala” that means “dry” or refers to “thirst”, has mystified many a traveller with its endless views, clear skies, and a magical ability to sustain humans and wildlife. The Kgalagadi covers much of Botswana, rendering rainfall, which is “pula” in Tswana, highly valuable. The reverence of rain is such that not only is Botswana’s currency named for it, but every gathering and special occasion is blessed with a call for rain and prosperity in the unifying cry for Pula!

The Trag Pula Edition is a perfected extra premium aged gin, which pays homage to Botswana, a land renowned for its astounding diamonds, peaceful people, and sustained development.

With its unique golden brown colour, owing to ageing in French Oak and the Kgalagadi’s Camel Thorn wood, Trag Pula Edition is the perfect unifying indulgence for the discerning gin, wine, and whisky drinker. Pula!