Tragelaphus Gin (Trag Gin)

Tragelaphus Gin is a premium small batch, craft gin inspired by the ancient semi-arid sandy savanna that extends across much of Botswana, Namibia and South Africa – the Kgalagadi. This magical expanse has mystified many a traveller with its endless views and clear skies.

Tragalephus is the Latin name for the beautiful Kudu antelope that roam the desert and the woodlands that surround it.

Trag takes a bold and rewarding twist to manufacturing by ageing it with Camel Thorn wood within a vacuum to provide a smooth, unique refreshing taste.


Tragelaphus is cold distilled under contract manufacture with Dona Distillery in Cape Town and uses cold vacuum distillation

Cold distillation is when a vacuum is created within the still, lowering the boiling-point of alcohol. In their case the boiling temperature is brought from the traditional 78°c down to a low 28°c.

Benefits of cold distillation include lower energy consumption and separation efficiency, however the greatest benefit, of course, is taste! Cold distillation leaves the structure of botanical molecules unchanged, retaining their natural flavours and aromas which would otherwise be boiled and altered by traditional distillation.


Tragelaphus is the brainchild of Botswana born and raised Boikanyo Mothibatsela

Boikanyo is a seasoned strategy consultant with a passion for growing small businesses and an equal appetite for a well-balanced G&T.

This unique gin is driven by his eye (and taste) for perfection, as well as his appreciation of a good ‘time out’ taking in the beauty of the African sky and the fulfillment that comes with good laughs shared with family and friends.